Sberbank CIB showed results to analysts on the popularity of betting in Russia

According to Sberbank CIB, every tenth citizen of the Russian middle class refers to the bookmakers to bet.

 The survey showed that 39% of Russians are betting as entertainment, while for the purpose of earning extra money on the BC sites play 29% of Russians.

 Analysts of the company noted that in the next few years, Russian users will start mass migrate to sites of national legal bookmakers and often do not apply to oflayn- and an interactive betting. This will be due to the rapid growth of the Russian sports betting industry (three times), which is observed now.

 It is expected that the volume of the total market in 2022 will reach 1.52 trillion rubles. At the same time the legitimate online segment amounted to 742 million rubles.

 Earlier, the Ministry of Finance of Russia has prepared a bill that involves creating a list of players who are addicted to gambling. It will cover not only the casino, but also betting and bookmakers. The list of Gamblers can make disabled citizens. The decision on introducing them to the list can be taken as guardians, as well as directly, and they themselves (which gives the right to control their own bid).

 Officially, casinos and gaming establishments in the territory of Russia is prohibited, except for the gambling zones in the Kaliningrad region, in Krasnodar, Primorye, Altay region and the Crimea. Betting, lotteries and bookmakers at the same time allowed.

 Recall, on the jumps Management Korea intends to legalize online betting.

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